Shhhh... it's a Secret & Special Hideaway!

Search no more: our B2B offers are right here.

Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we now offer our special hideaway also to business clients. Interesting tailored packages (see details below or behind the links) for Creatives (residence program), Teams (business coaching), Female Entrepreneurs (in Finnish), and Communications professionals (in Finnish), as well as unlimited possibilities to create your own business event. Our background in organizing anything from state visits to world championship level events, will guarantee you a “crème de la crème” experience.

The Hamlet is a perfect venue for so many things that the list would be too long, but here are a few ideas: Corporate reception. Charity dinner. Anniversary. Wine tasting. Wedding reception. Team Building. Creative space. Private dinner. Co-working space. Press day. BBQ Party. Networking. Cooking class. Wrap party. Away Day. Product Launch. Workshop.

For more information, please see our quick presentation for businesses in English or in French or download it for later review (English / French).

B2B packages and tailored options

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Free your mind and create.

The aim of “Creatives-in-Residency” is to offer a distraction-free environment for your creative process. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new project or in need to fully concentrate on polishing your work already in progress, we can assure you this is the tranquil spot you have dreamt of. Your home for the stay will be a centuries old hamlet and its stone buildings, surrounded by endless wild nature. You will be able to free your mind from the daily routines and concentrate on the most important: your creative process. We’ll take care of the rest (which is why we call it “all-inclusive”).

More info: Creatives-in-Residence.

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Team Retreat

What if… We told (only) You, that instead of the regular meeting rooms and nearby congress centres there actually is a special hideaway, which together with its surroundings offers an ideal setting for both efficient work as well as some important downtime. Are you courageous enough to take your team out from the ordinary and traditional environment to an inspiring site with a breeze of fresh air, tranquil ambiance, and an accredited Business Coach to guide and support you through the process?

More info in English: Team Retreat

More info in Finnish: Tiimipäivät


Female Entrepreneurs

(Currently in Finnish only)

Yhdessä. Enemmän. Paremmin. Ja ilon kautta!
Aivoriihiä ja keskusteluja. Valmennusta ja oivalluksia. Ennen, välissä ja jälkeen maukasta lähiruokaa ja ranskalaista elämäniloa. Viinitiloja ja riippumattotorkkuja. Maalaismarkkinoita ja keskiaikaisia kyliä. Vuosisatoja vanhan maatilan täydellinen rauha, vihreä luonto, puutarhan herkut, makoiset yöunet…

More info: Naisyrittäjäretriitti

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(Currently in Finnish only)

Katleena Kortesuon vetämä “Kipinävuoro”, mikä se on?
Kun retkiporukka yöpyy nuotion äärellä, kipinävuorossa on se, joka vartioi toisten unta ja pitää tulta yllä. Tällä kurssilla valmistelemme kipinävuoroon johtajan, jonka tehtävänä on puhua medialle, saada viesti kulkemaan ja säilyttää organisaation työrauha. Kriisin aikana tuli ei saa levitä, vaan se täytyy osata pitää hallittuna ja hyödyllisenä.

More info: Kipinävuoro