The most gorgeous, warm-hearted, charming, delightful, inspiring and mesmerizing location and retreat you could imagine. Thanks, Suska and Nico, and others. You’re amazing! I’m already booking my next trip! — SAANA R.

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Inspiration for the mind, body and spirit

I am Recharging my Batteries…Come and join me! This week will be full of laughter, epic moments with exploring your own body, decluttering your head, learning a thing or two on the way, doing silly things… and in the end of it… You will notice the different you! Ohhh, the stress is less present, you can breathe more easily, you move with less restriction, you see a bit better with relaxed eyes. Life can be good. Life IS good!

Please note that our cancellation policy reflects the current global situation. This means that you will get 100% of the fee refunded if you can’t attend due to Coronavirus related travel restrictions (updated after your reservation) in France or your home country. 

The Program

The morning classes are focusing on the precious morning sun in relaxing and strengthening our eyes. We will start our day with relaxing eye exercises outside before we set ourselves inside the beautiful premises to the body relaxation practice. Our morning practice is an energising class to wake up the eyes, lengthen the spine and clear the mind to set ourselves into a beautiful day. Both brain halves are guaranteed to be awaken!

The usual evening practice is a body movement practice combined with some breathing exercises. In this creative practice we will both move gently and stay gently in restful positions, letting the body open up and soften the tight areas. It is a very calming practice with a beautiful opportunity to meet whatever feelings are arising from within, to get to know yourself better, while giving you the stillness in the movement.

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On a couple of evenings our practice might be the magical surprise of my intuition. It is a practice that combines me playing intuitively the Finnish zither into an intuitive and soft relaxation of you. It is truly a beautiful way to get to know your own intuition and enhance the connection onto your body’s own wisdom and your deepest self. If the need for some intuitive drawing arises, it can be included.

In the beginning of this retreat, we will have an opening discussion circle, focusing on a little bit on the function of the eyes and the body according to the needs of the group and also on the question why we do what we do. This is by no means a strict lecture, but more a warm, interactive sharing circle where everyone is free to ask questions and share their needs and hopes for this retreat. In the end of the retreat we will have a closing discussion circle, in order to discuss whether your hopes and wishes have been fulfilled.


Other Activities

In between the instructed sessions and tasty meals you can steal a moment for yourself and your book, curl up in a hammock tucked away under the trees. If you wish to get more active physically, the surroundings are perfect for walks or jogging, and we need to add, that “the Hamlet Hike” around the property with Nicolas has been very popular – just don’t wear your high heels! You may dip into the natural pool (no chlorite nor other chemicals!) or no matter rain or shine, we’ll heat up the sauna for you to relax and enjoy the views.

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Our program is based on a “go with the flow” mentality, this is your vacation, after all! You may participate in our little visits in the region – but it’s completely fine if you wish to stay “home” in the Hamlet. We’ll definitely do some wine-tasting at our friends’ vineyard and on departure day morning we’ll visit the nearby medieval village and pick up the freshest from its farmers’ market for a champagne brunch before the “au revoirs”. That is, “until we meet again” – because we think you might want to return…

Ps. Have a look at the lovely reviews of our previous retreat guests!


Your Instructor Anne Tuhkanen

I am a chiropractor (qualified from England) who has been interested in the connection of human body and mind for ages.

My native Finland is dear to me but my heart beats strongly to foreign cultures and languages. Naturally I speak my native language really well, but I can also speak  English pretty well (I was called Miss Shakespeare by my college friends!) and on top of that I can open my mouth and whisper a few words in French and Italian. This retreat will be instructed in English (unless all the participants are Finnish and they all insist in speaking Finnish only..).

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After a few rough and extremely stressful years (taking care of my elderly parents) , I have been reborn like a phoenix. I have started to explore the health of the mind via NLP ( I am a NLP Trainer), relaxation, meditation and pure joy of life. I am here and now. Life is a present.

I have taken care of the health of the body with different methods, like chiropractic, walking, breathing, eye relaxation, deep stretching, pilates, yoga and Alexander technique. I will be using different aspects of these approaches to release the tension in you. The body affects the mind. The mind affects the body.


Your Home for the Stay

You will stay in the Guest House of The Happy Hamlet, which centuries ago was home for several families and now has been turned into a place for feeling good. The charming rooms (double, twin or triple) have each an ensuite bathroom with a window. The house has been renovated by preserving as much of the old as possible, yet keeping the comfort in mind. Many recycled treasures have been given new life allowing them to tell you their stories from the past.

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The huge barn will be your lounge, salon and kitchen whenever you wish, and the vast property offers woods and prairies, fields and valleys for you to explore. With the practice, meals, discussions, other activities and visits you will surely have plenty to do, to explore and to experience. But you will certainly have your free time, too. Nothing beats the hammock under the trees for good relaxation!

At night, once in bed, you’ll be guaranteed a good night’s sleep because the only background noise will be the owl informing that everything is.. just fine.

See gallery for more photos of The Happy Hamlet property, the Guest House & rooms, the barn, the outdoors and more. Lovely feedback and reviews from our previous guests can be found on our testimonials page, on our Facebook, and also on Google Business and TripAdvisor .


Healthy Local Food

Meals are prepared with own organic produce combined with the offering from the local farmers. The region’s wine selection is impressive, and you will be able to taste and find your favorites both during the meals as well as the visits to the vineyards. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all drinks are included.

You’re really meant to feel “at home”, which means that you’re welcome to enjoy anything from the garden or kitchen whenever you feel like a healthy snack – or have a glass of wine by the pool if that’s what would make you happy right there and right then.

You can join the “Hamleters” and visit one of the daily markets to hand-pick all the fresh goodies for a pique-nique. Bon appétit indeed!

Price & Details

All-inclusive retreat cost: 1500 EUR (incl. VAT)

Included in the price:

  • Daily eye relaxation and strengthening exercises, lengthening of the spine relaxation, energising classes (mornings) and relaxing classes (evenings)
  • Extra Intuitive Finnish zither concert with relaxation
  • Intuitive drawing
  • Sharing Circles
  • Accommodation (5 nights) in The Happy Hamlet guest house (twin/double or triple room, ensuite bathroom)
  • All meals, snacks, drinks
  • Property with vast outdoors, natural pool, sauna, various sports/games equipment
  • Visits in the region and logistics accordingly
  • One bundled airport transfer from and to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
  • Good mood, happy company, recharged body&mind&soul!

Please note that airfares and insurance are not included in the price.

Inquiries & Reservations

Inquiries on the classes:

Details on the retreat & to reserve your spot:

Local organiser: SARL HAPPY HAMLET, Lieu dit Gary, 82190 Fauroux, France. Please see The Happy Hamlet conditions for more details.

Please note that our cancellation policy reflects the current global situation. This means that you will get 100% of the fee refunded if you can’t attend due to Coronavirus related travel restrictions (updated after your reservation) in France or your home country. 

For directions, closest airports and train stations please see our Contact page.

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Welcome! Bienvenue!

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