You sighed, we listened!

Sending a little Hamlet your way.

A guest of a postponed retreat: *sigh* “But how will I survive without the garlic paste from Louis until we’ll get to travel again..?!” Felt bad for her and the others with the same concern. Which is why we thought:

Since you can’t come to the Hamlet (until otherwise stated), the Hamlet will come to you.

We’re excited to offer our Gift Boxes with delicious and precious local treats from our friends, known by any and all of you who’ve already visited. And those of you who haven’t yet, maybe this box will give you a reason to put the Hamlet on your “to visit” list. We’d be happy to see you here one sunny day, too!

Handmade & Organic Treats from the Hamlet and nearby! Order your box today!

* Deliveries in EU with La Poste Francaise:
small box 15.50 euros and big box 17.55 euros / 1 box, 22.45 euros / 2-3 boxes.

Livraison en France: petit coffret 7.95 euros, grand coffret 8.95 euros

Please consult for other destinations. 

For inquiries & purchases, please contact

Thank you for all the ♥ & support in this extraordinary situation!