Do what you love and love what you do.

Enjoy & be Happy in the beauty of southwestern France.

Take a break from the routines. Relax and do something for you and yourself only. A retreat in The Happy Hamlet lets you engage in something that you love. You’ll be able to recharge from the beautiful nature and surroundings. You’ll concentrate on the most important: eat and sleep well, explore new regions – and have fun while doing so.

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We all know, that the better you take care of yourself and your happiness, the better you are for others and their well-being. Now would any (or all) of these make you happy?

  • Individual Well-being: yoga, pilates, meditation, taiji, or other
  • French Gastronomy: cuisine & wine
  • Visual Arts: photography, painting, drawing, or other
  • Music: jazz impro
  • Well-being for Businesses: team building, coaching, professional and personal development

.. or perhaps something else? Let us know what you would be interested in, we’re always open for suggestions!

A retreat, what is it?

An all inclusive package. And when we say “all”, we mean “All”.

From the moment you arrive in the Happy Hamlet, you can concentrate on the most important, yourself. We’ll have taken care of the necessary arrangements. Each retreat is tailored according to the theme and the group’s needs and wishes. We don’t believe in “standards” and we think that the key to happiness is listening to yourself – and to others. So we’re all ears also, when it comes to your ideas and feedback.


You will stay in our Guest house. Each room comes with double or twin beds by your choice and an ensuite bathroom with a window. We only have five guest rooms, which also guarantees you that the group size stays small, maximum 10 people per retreat. Read more about the Hamlet property, learn more details on the rooms, and take a look at the photos.


We cuisine mainly with our own and local produce, including naturally local wines (all drinks are included). We’ll go together to one of the daily markets nearby and hand-pick all the fresh goodies for a pique-nique or dinner. Note, you will need to go hungry. A lot of tastings are guaranteed already on spot! One night will be dedicated to a “marche gourmand”. This is a habit in several villages, where local producers gather around the square with their produce, food and wine. The village provides tables and benches, you choose what tickles most your tastebuds, and then we’ll be set to enjoy a meal together with the fellow-villagers. You will also be able to dive into the French wine culture when we visit the local vineyards (map of appellations of the region). Be it a “chateau” or a small domaine, you will be off to a fascinating journey.

Themed activities

We’re very fortunate to work with professional and super inspiring instructors in the field of well-being, yoga, pilates, gastronomy, wine, coaching, business and/or personal development, reading, writing, arts and other. We wouldn’t be able to be The Happy Hamlet without our marvelous team of instructors!


The region is full of historic sites, cultural attractions and nearby producers. Varying by theme and by period, we can nevertheless assure you there will be more in the offering than we will be able to handle in a week. Discover more about the region.

There is more

Daily themed sessions or classes take place in the Happy Hamlet. On top of the program, if you wish to get physically active, our surroundings are perfect for hiking, cycling, swimming, and horse-riding. Don’t worry, you will still be left with enough free time to enjoy walks in the woods or to relax by the pool, to take a book and lie down in a hammock, or even to get sweaty (and incredibly serene) in the sauna.

Special treats? Yes, we always come up with something special – but it wouldn’t be that special, if we told you everything. So let us surprise you, as well!

Note also

We gladly welcome other types of guests and forms of activities: weekend workshops, expositions, random get-togethers, or off-season long-term room/house rentals. Please have a look at: rentals or our B2B options (also en Francais), and  contact us to discuss the options!

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