The Splendid Southwest France

Explore & discover (before the rest of the world does).

Our property, The Happy Hamlet, is officially called Gary (name derives from an ancient proprietor), which belongs to Fauroux, a village one hour north of Toulouse, in the department of the Tarn-et-Garonne (named by the two big rivers), which is part of the region called Midi-Pyrenees in the beautiful Southwest France. Have a look at the location and distances on map here .

Before we moved in in spring 2016, the village had 186 inhabitants. This means today we total 189 “fauroussiens”, who live their lives tranquil and in good harmony. People are friendly and don’t take life too seriously – we’ve had the warmest welcome to the community. The situation is special because we lie in a hub of four other departments: the Lot famous for its truffles and Cahors wine, the Lot-et-Garonne known for its Prune d’Agen (variety of plum produce) and the numerous “chateaus” (castles, that is), the Gers known for its foie gras and rolling landscapes, the Tarn praised for its beautiful fortified walled-in cities and Gaillac wine, just to name a few.

Speaking of wine, here’s a handy map to start planning your route for tastings!

Whether you want to extend your stay before or after our retreat to better explore the region, or even if you just follow the program we’ll have prepared for you for the week, we are sure you will fully enjoy our region. It is rich in culinary treats,  wonderful nature, historic sites, cultural events. And the friendly people.

A few minutes away from us, the lovely “La Ferme de Lacontal” will open their doors behind the scene for us to see how their wonderful lavender products are actually made. All is bio and produced by one family. For the more adventurous we can take you literally “up in the air” at the nearby  School of Parachutism (you will have to come down by yourself though). If you wish, we can have Karline, a basket weaver from the village, host you an afternoon tutorial on how to make your own countryside souvenir back home. We need to also visit the Hamlet’s previous owners who still continue making their goat cheese. They still do all manually to be sold at one market weekly only. People come from far away for this treat. And we didn’t even mention yet Lauzerte. This beautiful medieval site is named on the official list as “one of the most beautiful villages in France”. Trust us, this is not all.

Come & discover with us (and before you do, see a few photos in the gallery)!

ps. If you would like to explore the region on your own before or after your stay with us in the Hamlet, please have a look at our tips on things to do and places to see (better read those before fixing your travel plans)!

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