Presence Retreat



What's the deal?

Bienvenue on the southwestern French countryside.

For you who wants to explore mindfulness

Mindfulness is the real presence in life. 
It is being here and now, feeling, sensing,
being aware of the pleasure in every single thing,
acknowledging the life running inside and outside ourselves.

This retreat is a treat for the body, the mind, the soul, the spirit...
Take a chance to get in touch with your inner-self and express your creativity by being gentle with yourself, exploring mindfulness through several practices, opening your senses, expanding your heart space to self-love and human connection...

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Deep into life and connection...


PRESENCE Retreat combinates different practices and playful exercises in order to acknowledge better your presence in life and connect deeper with yourself and the others, as well as with the Nature surrounding you.

Be introduced to Breathwork and explore different kinds of breath

Express yourself fully by moving your body and dancing freely with DANCEmandala, a free form movement and stillness meditation

Walk in silence with awareness and real connection to Nature

Explore deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra and Tibetan bowls meditation

Connect with creativity throughout different ways of expression

Prepare your own chocolate treats with love

Take pictures without any technical insights but your soul…

Inspiring instructors...


Elisabeth, named Zaz by her friends, turn on her life since more than 10 years around creativity and meditation. Zaz truly believes that breathing is magic, that it’s a gift we receive when we are born and we can explore in many different ways all our life more or less deeper.

As a chief she created a blog in French « Ma cuisine simple et fantastique » valuing taste and simplicity. She offers mindful lunches, cooking classes and gatherings in Thailand where she is still living part time.

For almost 20 years, Zaz has practiced photography daily as a passion, a self-therapy and sometimes, also as work. She has been a journalist, a photo producer for style magazines, photographer agent and exhibition curator in Paris-France where she comes from.

Mom of two teenagers, Tania chose to leave Switzerland with them in order to backpack throughout South East Asia for 10 months. Unexpectedly it is only after 5 years that she decided to come back wishing to share the experience she gained during this expatriation.

Back in Switzerland, she then became a certified ‘creative journaling’s facilitator and was trained in dance therapy at the same time. She is now giving workshops for children and adults in Geneva where she lives. Having lots of interests for sounds and vibrations, she has also connected with Tibetan bowls for meditation as well as sound massage.

Tania and Zaz are DANCEmandala facilitators and they have been both trained in Chiang Mai – Thailand. That was the opportunity to meet, become friends and organise together Presence workshops in Thailand. They created in France a structure for their work together and connect with people through their practices : Le temps de respirer – Time to Breathe.

Learn more:,, Zaz K Photography on Facebook, (in French).

Sweet dreams guaranteed...


You will stay in the Guest House of The Happy Hamlet, which centuries ago was home for several families and now has been turned into a place for feeling good. The charming rooms (double, twin or triple) have each an ensuite bathroom with a window. The house has been renovated by preserving as much of the old as possible, yet keeping the comfort in mind. Many recycled treasures have been given new life allowing them to tell you their stories from the past.

The huge barn will be your lounge, salon and kitchen whenever you wish, and the vast property offers woods and prairies, fields and valleys for you to explore. You are welcome to enjoy the organic produce from the garden whenever you feel like having a healthy snack. With the sessions and discussions, other activities and visits you will surely have plenty to do, to explore and to experience – but you will certainly have your free time, too. Nothing beats the hammock under the trees for good relaxation!

At night, once in bed, you’ll be guaranteed a good night’s sleep because the only background noise will be the owl informing that everything is.. just fine.

See gallery in the bottom of the page or visit directly here for more photos of The Happy Hamlet property, the Guest House & rooms, the barn, the outdoors and more. Lovely feedback and reviews from our previous guests can be found on our testimonials page, on our Facebook (click “most recent”), and also on Google Business and TripAdvisor (search The Happy Hamlet).

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All-inclusive retreat cost:

Fast&Happy price*: 1200 EUR (VAT included) – Learn about the Fast&Happy pricing
Regular price: 1350 EUR (VAT included)

Included in the price:
– All instruction, material and classes
– Accommodation (5 nights) in The Happy Hamlet guest house (twin or double room, ensuite bathroom)
– All meals, snacks, drinks
– Property with vast outdoors, natural swimming pool, sauna, various sports/games equipment
– Visit to the farmers’ market in a nearby medieval village
– Good mood, happy company, recharged batteries

Please note, airfares and insurance are not included in the price. Nearest airport: Toulouse-Blagnac.

Reservations & Contact with any questions: &

Local organizer: SARL The Happy Hamlet, Lieu dit Gary, 82190 Fauroux, France.  Please see The Happy Hamlet  conditions for more details.

Please see the FB-event and show us if your interested in order to get news and updates!

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