It is OK to just come to stay.

Relaxed Luxury. Beauty for all senses.

We understand you may be busy, if so, click through the quick presentation about our secret hideaway (English / French) or download it for later review (English / French).


Even if we do focus on the retreats during the high season, we’re always open to other type of guests, events, new ideas! With the Guest House (5 bedrooms for 2-3 people), the huge renovated barn (more than 300m2 for 60+ guests, and a separate studio for 2-4 people) and the outdoor area with the natural swimming pool (no chlorite nor other chemicals!) and the sauna (in a barrel with views), and 13 ha of land to explore… We can think of many fun things taking place in the Hamlet. And around: discover the region and have a look at the fantastic activities you can enjoy nearby!

There is no fixed price list because it all depends on the retreat calendar, season, and other availability. But please ask, either for room our whole house rental on a nightly/weekly/monthly basis, or for a one off event that you would like to organise in this beautiful part of the French countryside. We’d be happy to offer something great for you! Have a look at the photos and more information below – and please contact us with any inquiries! 

The Guest House

Our Guest House has 5 bedrooms. We call them double/twin rooms and of course ideally they sleep two, but honestly speaking a family with few kids could (and has!) easily stay in one room. Most of the bedrooms have already an extra bed as a daybed, which means that 3 people at least would be fine if ever in need for larger groups. Each bedroom has a private bathroom with a window.

In addition, there is a studio on the ground floor of the barn, which has a double bed and a bathroom. All this makes the maximum accommodation capacity 15 people.

Our guests have really appreciated the “ambiance” of the combination of very old and newly recycled and modern hacks – makes all those brocante huntings (Suska) and long hours working in the atelier (Nico) worthwhile! 

Room #17 (or the White Room)

Room #43 (or the Blue Room)

Room #47 (or the Black Room)

Room #131 (or the Green Room)

Room #256 (or the Attic)

The Barn - huge multifunctional space.

The huge barn, renovated by the super talented local artisans, serves as a common area for many different needs. We like to explain our guests on arrival, that Guest House is actually only their bedroom, and their kitchen, living room, dining and lounge are found in the barn. This space (former home of a dozen goats and cheese making facilities) is on purpose wide and open, so that we can be flexible with whatever needs, be it workshops, yoga classes, dinners or bigger events. We’re here, bring your imagination and let’s start planning!

Natural pool, sauna and the outdoors.

You wouldn’t be taking full advantage of the countryside, if you didn’t take a swim in the natural swimming pool (no chlorine, enjoy!), and for the most adventurous of you, we do have a sauna in a barrel. And with views! On top of that, we have 13 ha of own land, which means the area is fantastic for walks, running, cycling, even horse-riding (neighbors have over a dozen), or if in need to rest, there are several terraces around the property – and shhhh, the hammocks are hidden in the shade of the trees. 

Next steps?

Please contact us with any accommodation needs, whole house rentals or event organisations – we’ll be happy to work something special for you!