The Happy Hamleters

A little bit about us.

Might be difficult to judge by the image (the artist of which is member of the family), but we’re actually just quite a normal happy couple (and we like to believe the ‘JTM’ stands for je t’aime). Let’s reveal the artist, too, it’s the (usually) very smiley girl, who turned a while ago fourteen.

We’re a Finnish/Czech – French couple to be more precise, who packed their belongings from a little bit allover the place (world) and started the search for a new home address in France. Nico (the French gentleman) had not lived in his homeland for the last 25 years after an NGO service went long and the Horn of Africa became his home. Suska, born in Finland but also a Czech citizen, has lived all around the world but had never lived in France (even if visited plenty of times, but still, just visited). One might say we’re not doing it the easiest way. ‘It’ being life and ‘easy’ being.. well, something just too boring probably.

In spring 2015, a description of us stated: “Suska has been an Airbnb host (and guest) for years, and when a house of a friend became available in Djibouti, we decided to take on a project as a grand rehearsal of our long term dream, renovating a guesthouse/B&B in an old farmhouse (or even better a mill!) in the rustic countryside of France”. And that is exactly where we are now. Not a mill though, but that’s alright.

The following fall we spent literally “on the road”. It took about 4 months, 24000 kilometers in the car, 86 houses to visit in nearly 20 south-west France departments (today it’s already easy to leave out the mention of frustration, disappointment, nights spent in b&b’s, motels, meals eaten while driving, nights with minimum sleep and such). Until finally, exhausted but excited, we found our own little Hamlet. With all the French formalities considered, we were able to move in in March 2016. Ever since it’s been a roller coaster ride – but a very fun one! More about the happy/sad/surprising/funny/(and all the other emotions) encounters you can find on the blog.

The past careers in various fields of business, marketing, communications, branding, tourism, logistics, events, agriculture, to name a few, give us a ridiculously good feeling of ‘knowing what we’re doing’. We like to think that there can never too many zen places in the world. This means that even if we’re not saying we’re the one and only, nor the most beautiful or luxurious (far from that, actually), we’re still sure we can create and offer you a spot that will make it worth your while to visit and stay.

In general one could say we’re just rather laid back and happy people. We enjoy life and make the most out of it by either traveling ourselves – or sharing it with travelers. Now that we’ve found our piece of heaven and the count of the countries visited totals to around 80, we’ve decided to concentrate on the latter. Hope our paths with you will cross one day, too!

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