Vintage means pre-loved.


A Special Selection

We adore vintage that comes with stories and the charming patina, that grows beautifully on them only with time and patience.

One of our favorite activities is to go treasure hunting at our local brocante in Moissac owned by Monsieur Gasquet and his son. We have filled the rooms, barn, kitchen and garden with beautiful finds.

We have also handpicked some of our favorite pre-loved vintage items for you. Visit our very own brocante at the Hamlet (behind the guest house) or order via email.

Preloved shopping from the Hamlet’s brocante offers the opportunity to shop consciously and discover unique vintage pieces that definitely aren’t available at your shopping center. We’re excited to give these special pieces a new life in a new home.

Fun fact: The word vintage was first used in the early 15th century. It means “harvest of wine grapes”, deriving from the Latin vindemia (grape-gathering).



A Special Mission?

Are you looking for something that you can’t find in our selection? Dreaming of a special piece? Regretting for not buying that unique artifact?

Give us the details and we will be delighted to go on a hunting mission. We will most likely find it (or something else extremely useful) at Monsieur Gasquet’s treasure heaven.

Gift Cards – For Anyone & For Any Occasion

We will be happy to issue a Gift Card for you. Or you can treat someone special with a little surprise. Our cards are valid both for purchases in the online “Boutique & Brocante” as well as for any stays in the Hamlet.