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What's the deal?

Bienvenue on the southwestern French countryside.

Free your mind and create.

The aim of "Creatives-in-Residency" is to offer a distraction-free environment for your creative process. Whether you're looking for inspiration for a new project or in need to fully concentrate on polishing your work already in progress, we can assure you this is the tranquil spot you have dreamt of. Your home for the stay will be a centuries old hamlet and its stone buildings, surrounded by endless wild nature. You will be able to free your mind from the daily routines and concentrate on the most important: your creative process. We'll take care of the rest (which is why we call it "all-inclusive").

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What our previous residents have said

“Creatives-in-Residence was perfect for my book writing. I had all the time I needed for the writing process combining with one of the most beautiful and warm-hearted places I’ve ever visited (and I have visited A LOT of places). Plus the food, wine, and hospitality are beyond amazing. The residence is just pure heaven for creatives or others wanting to escape the hassle and outside world. Can’t wait to visit The Happy Hamlet again, this place is impeccable.”  – Saana (Novembre 2019)

Shut out the noise. Breathe the fresh air. Free the spirit.


WHAT? Away-time from the often hectic routines. Opportunity to fully concentrate on the creative process while enjoying the best things in life: peace and tranquility, clean nature, fresh air, good food, precious company of the peer group – and sweet dreams. All this in a very home-like ambiance.

TO WHOM? To creative amateurs and professionals alike. We do not deem ourselves in a position to define what is creative or not. We can imagine here many types: photographers, painters, designers, writers, musicians, choreographres, dancers, and so on. There are no limits as long as you take pleasure in the same things about life as we do – those are the ones mentioned above.

WHERE? The Happy Hamlet, a special hideaway an hour north from Toulouse, Southwest France.

WHEN? October and November 2020, and March and April 2021. The months are divided into Monday through Sunday periods, you may choose to stay any length from 1 to 4 weeks (6 / 13 / 20 / 27 nights).

WHY? Because we love to share the good vibes we get to enjoy ourselves in our little piece of paradise. And because we think that people who work in the creative sector are among the ones who can truly appreciate and profit from our isolation for inspiration.

HOW DOES IT WORK? We offer comfortable accommodation, large indoor and outdoor common areas, 13 ha of wild nature, a natural swimming pool and a sauna in a barrel. The Guest House is wifi-free (trust us, you’ll learn to love it!), but you can connect anywhere in the common areas. Meals and drinks are included, but we want to support the individual daily rhythm which is why breakfasts are self-catered with ingredients we provide, lunch is a healthy bowl meal (salad or soup & accompaniments) and the dinners are enjoyed together in French-style, long and social (but it’s ok to retire on your own schedule as well). Working hours are 9-13 and 14-18, during which time we ask everyone to respect others’ time and space and privacy.

HOW TO BOOK? We have 5-10 spots (depending on the single/double/twin -occupancy inquiries), which we fill in on a first come first served basis. We would gladly hear a bit more about yourself and your expectations before the final booking, but as mentioned, it is for you to decide if peace and calm and beauty are the things you – and your creativity – are craving for.

Sweet dreams guaranteed...


You will stay in the Guest House of The Happy Hamlet, which centuries ago was home for several families and now has been turned into a place for feeling good. The large charming rooms have each an ensuite bathroom with a window. The house has been renovated by preserving as much of the old as possible, yet keeping the comfort in mind. Many recycled treasures have been given new life allowing them to tell you their stories from the past.

At night, once in bed, you’ll be guaranteed a good night’s sleep because the only background noise will be the owl informing that everything is.. just fine.

There are 5 guest rooms which each can be reserved as single, double (creatives with companion) or twin (two creatives). Even when booked at full capacity we remain small, maximum 10 guests at a time. Please see the rates section in the bottom for more information.

See the gallery in the bottom of the page or visit directly here for more photos.

Find your favorite spot for the stay - or find a new one every day.


There are several terraces outdoors with tables, chairs, hammocks and daybeds. In addition, we’re surrounded by 13ha of our own land: prairies, woods, valleys, natural springs and a bamboo grove. We’re quite confident you’ll find your favorite spot somewhere out there. Or maybe a different one each day!

There is a natural swimming pool which means you’ll be able to dip into water clean from chlorine or any other chemicals, and it can be heated if needed. Alternatively (or combined) you can just sweat it out in the sauna in a barrel with views over the greenery during the day, or the starry sky at night.

And if you are into physical exercise, we have a few bikes you’re free to use, a ping-pong table, and other sport equipment – and we’re surrounded by trails for jogging and hikes for any level.

See the gallery in the bottom of the page or visit directly here for more photos.

In need to escape indoors?


Not so long ago there were still a dozen goats in the huge barn – the farm actually was a very renowned organic goat cheese producer in the region. And they still are, we’re lucky to have kept them nearby for their yummy treats.

Today the barn has been transformed into a multifunctional space. There are several spots ready to serve as work stations, and in easy few minutes the platform can be cleared for a class of yoga or meditation, should you sometimes wish to start your morning with that. The view from the upper level windows overlooking the valley is rather meditative itself.

The open kitchen becomes often a meeting point around morning coffees or apéros later in the afternoon. We might also find ourselves cooking together one night – or even do so with the guidance of a local chef revealing his secrets in preparing local specialties. Another separate area is the lower level “dining salon”, which can also be used as working area.

See the gallery in the bottom of the page or visit directly here for more photos.

In France they say "Bon Appétit". And they mean it, literally.


The ingredients of our meals, many of which organic, come as much as possible from local farmers and merchants. As we always operate in small groups, we’re able to work out special needs and wishes. After all, good nutrition is the basis for your well-being, and your well-being will most likely fuel your creativity.

Oh and when we say local, we mean local – check out the foodie map of the surrounding producers. It wouldn’t be a complete French meal without the local wine – we do have quite a few vineyards in the region (which by the way is the only producer of Malbec in France), here’s an appellation map of the wine producers around us.

In order for you to be able to listen to your own rhythm, the breakfast is self-catered with ingredients we provide, likewise grab your lunch, a healthy bowl meal (salad or soup & accompaniments) at your convenience, and on the contrary, the dinners we enjoy the French way, long and social. Any snacks in between and all drinks are also included.

Convinced? Good, sign in today!



– Accommodation based on chosen occupancy (single/double/twin)
– Full board: Breakfast (self-catered with ingredients provided), healthy “bowl-lunch”, dinner, all drinks, and possible snacks in between
– Use of all common areas indoors: a huge barn with a lounge, a large multifunctional communal space, a dining salon, a “professional”
open kitchen, additional storage space if needed

– Use of all common areas outdoors: 13ha of land, several terrases, natural swimming pool, sauna in a barrel
– Wifi in common areas, please note our Guest House with bedrooms is deliberately wifi-free
– Laundry facilities
– Once a week room cleaning (incl. fresh bed linen and towels)
– Once a week possibility to visit the nearby city/village*
– Good mood, happy company, recharged body&mind&soul

Each term starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. You may chose any of the weeks and any length of your stay (1-4 weeks) during the given period. The weeks with still availability in 2020 are October 5-11, October 12-18, October 19-25, October 26 – November 1, November 2-8, November 9-15 and November 16-22. In 2021 March 1-7, March 8-14, March 15-21, March 22-28, April 5-11, and April 12-18.

RATES 2019
Prices below include VAT and are per room per given period, that means in double and twin room rates you need to divide the total by two to get the price per person (naturally all-inclusive to both). To give you an idea, the all-inclusive day/night rate with tuition varies between 87-142 EUR depending on the length of the stay (discounts per each consecutive week) and whether single room or sharing. In the case of double occupancy, we only ask the companions not to take space from the creatives’ working areas, other than that the same services listed above apply.

1 week (Mon-Sun, 6 nights) 850 EUR
2 weeks (Mon-Sun, 13 nights) 1600 EUR
3 weeks (Mon-Sun, 20 nights) 2300 EUR
4 weeks (Mon-Sun, 27 nights) 2950 EUR

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY (creative+companion)
1 week (Mon-Sun, 6 nights) 1350 EUR
2 weeks (Mon-Sun, 13 nights) 2550 EUR
3 weeks (Mon-Sun, 20 nights) 3650 EUR
4 weeks (Mon-Sun, 27 nights) 4700 EUR

TWIN OCCUPANCY (2 creatives)
1 week (Mon-Sun, 6 nights) 1450 EUR
2 weeks (Mon-Sun, 13 nights) 2700 EUR
3 weeks (Mon-Sun, 20 nights) 3900 EUR
4 weeks (Mon-Sun, 27 nights) 5000 EUR

* Please note, we really are – and want to be – in the middle of nowhere. The nearest tiny village is 5km by foot or bike, and a bigger one with restaurants and other services about 15km away. This means unless you rent a car for your stay (or unless you really like to walk/ride a bike), you will be isolated from all the buzz. This is why we offer each week a ride for those who wish to visit a city. As per arrival and departure, as soon as you have made your travel plans (nearest airport Toulouse-Blagnac and train stations in Moissac, Agen, and Montauban), we will be happy to arrange transfer for a nominal fee.

Your host and organizer: SARL HAPPY HAMLET, Lieu dit Gary, 82190 Fauroux, France. The Happy Hamlet Terms & Conditions

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See you soon, we're excited - and you should be, too!

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