In Business it's about People. It's about relationships.

Creating long-lasting & loyal (and happy) Partnerships.

We consider ourselves rather good when it comes to creating an ambiance people appreciate. We have decades of experience from client relationships and partnerships, and we work hard in order to offer a stay full of special experiences and memorable moments. But we can only be as good as the people and businesses we work with, therefore we join forces with the best instructors and the most reliable partners. Since all our interest groups are equally important, the instructors are well compensated and the partners are offered a fair commission on sales.

We are always looking for partners who share the same values with us. If you are (for example) a travel agent, a yoga / pilates / well-being studio, an art school, a restaurant or an independent chef, a concept store, an association, a sports club, a business or corporation that takes good care of its employees and customers, anyone with a clientele or an interest group to whom you would like to offer our retreats, we would be happy to discuss and see how we could cooperate. Have a look at the Hamlet and see what the retreats are about. We’re looking forward to discussing with you!

Last but not least, media representatives: Travel bloggers, well-being magazines, freelance journalists, photographers and all! If you are looking for inspirational and interesting places to cover, we gladly welcome you to visit. Drop us a line or give us a call and hope to see you soon in the Happy Hamlet!

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