Colorful Retreat


MAY 25-30, 2020


What's the deal?

Bienvenue on the southwestern French countryside.

This retreat is dedicated to everyone who...

…requires more focus, calm and relief from stress
…searches for new impulses and direction in life
…is open to the process of creation and expression
…likes to discover the inner and outer world without prejudices

The motto of the retreat:

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What our previous guests have said

“The Happy Hamlet is a wonderfully warm and inviting retreat, full of French charm. I felt the love and care that Suska and Nico put into everything as soon as I arrived. The surroundings are beautiful and relaxing. My room was spacious and charming. The food and hospitality were second to none. Thank you for a wonderful week, I will definitely be back xx” – MICHELLE (August 2019)

Breathe the fresh air. Free the spirit.


CREATE – COMMUNICATE – CONNECT! – We will reflect on our artifacts, understand them, and put them in personal context to benefit as individuals and as a group from the creative flow.

We will CREATE – daily – employing various techniques based on themes inspired by the moment. We will work with paper, brushes, crayons, and pencils – even our hands – and make use of everything available in our surroundings. The creative flow will follow a natural pace so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. By accomplishing various challenges, we will reconnect to our inner resources and get more clarity around our behaviour.

Creative sessions are based on easy & simple activities inspired by art therapy, yet they are powerful in what they can offer.

Sharing and expressing your thoughts and emotions with the group is optional, but COMMUNICATION in any form is essential so that each member of the group can feel safe and respected. We will form a group capable of supporting and celebrating the creativity of each individual.

We will respect the needs of each participant. At any time during a session, participants may choose between active participation or observation. This applies to any part of the program organised during the retreat, be it a walk around the property or wine tasting at a local vineyard.

Through various creative techniques, we will CONNECT with our emotions and feelings. By expressing them, they become clearer to us. And through (optional) group sharing, we will have the opportunity to elicit other opinions and enriching input that will help crystallize our ideas. We will perceive ourselves more deeply not only as individuals but also as vital members of society.

Previous drawing or painting experience is not required. All you need is a willingness to experiment, overcome barriers, and enjoy the process. Any outcome is appreciated and has a unique value. You will keep all your creations as a reminder and inspiration for your next steps.

The sessions are not intended as group therapy sessions.

This retreat is LGBT friendly.

Enjoy the colors and the French "Joie de vivre"!


Sessions will be held in the morning and afternoon with one late night special creative session. Weather permitting, we will be out of doors. Some of the sessions will also be held in the renovated barn offering spectacular views of the French countryside.

Individual attention is guaranteed as each group will include a maximum of 10 participants.

We will agree on a common set of rules so everyone can feel safe, but there is one golden rule: all mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned off during the sessions.

We advise that you bring an art smock or clothing you don’t mind getting a bit dirty as you are likely to get some paint or glue on yourself during the sessions.

On top of our daily creative sessions, you are welcome to take a dip in the natural swimming pool (no chlorine or other chemicals!) or relax in the sauna. Or maybe steal a moment for yourself with a good book, curled up in a hammock tucked away under the trees. If you wish to be more physically active, the surrounding countryside is perfect for jogging, hiking, cycling, swimming, and horseback riding (excursions can be arranged upon request).

We will enjoy the magnificent French countryside with its lush colors, smells, and sounds to bring us back to ourselves. You will be treated to delicious, homemade meals and local wines. There are a natural swimming pool and sauna available for you to use. You have free time every day after lunch for self-care and rest and to enjoy the peaceful surroundings of The Happy Hamlet.

In the hands of an experienced and inspiring instructor.


Boris will be your guide through the process and author of the retreat concept. An experienced psychologist with an artist’s soul, Boris has operated a private psychology practice and pursued a career in marketing and brand research. He specializes in working with clients suffering from depression, burnout, or struggling with a personal crisis. Art has been Boris’ passion since childhood, and you will often find him working on his latest art project or experimenting with different mediums and techniques.

Although Boris considers himself a spiritual person, his approach is based on practical knowledge and real-world experience. For him, keeping your head in the clouds is not possible without keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Boris’ definition of creativity does not end with drawing, sculpting, or painting; he tends to see the creative process in everyday life and thus does not take it as something elitist. For Boris, creativity is a virtue which anyone can discover and cultivate within themselves.

Boris was trained to take a “client-centered approach,” which is known for its non-directive leading, thus ensuring a relaxed atmosphere, far removed from the daily routine. He believes strongly in respecting each individual.

To find out more, visit Boris’ website or follow Boris and his creative account on Instagram.

Sweet dreams guaranteed...


You will stay in the Guest House of The Happy Hamlet, which centuries ago was home for several families and now has been turned into a place for feeling good. The charming rooms (double, twin or triple) have each an ensuite bathroom with a window. The house has been renovated by preserving as much of the old as possible, yet keeping the comfort in mind. Many recycled treasures have been given new life allowing them to tell you their stories from the past.

The huge barn will be your lounge, salon and kitchen whenever you wish, and the vast property offers woods and prairies, fields and valleys for you to explore. You are welcome to enjoy the organic produce from the garden whenever you feel like having a healthy snack. With the sessions and discussions, other activities and visits you will surely have plenty to do, to explore and to experience – but you will certainly have your free time, too. Nothing beats the hammock under the trees for good relaxation!

At night, once in bed, you’ll be guaranteed a good night’s sleep because the only background noise will be the owl informing that everything is.. just fine.

See gallery in the bottom of the page or visit directly here for more photos of The Happy Hamlet property, the Guest House & rooms, the barn, the outdoors and more. Lovely feedback and reviews from our previous guests can be found on our testimonials page, on our Facebook (click “most recent”), and also on Google Business and TripAdvisor (search The Happy Hamlet).

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All-inclusive retreat cost: 1300 EUR (VAT included)

Included in the price:

– All art supplies and tools (note: participants will keep all of their creations)
– Accommodation (5 nights) in The Happy Hamlet guest house (twin or double room, ensuite bathroom)
– All meals, snacks, and beverages
– Property with vast outdoors, natural swimming pool, sauna, various sports/games equipment
– Visits to vineyards for wine tasting and the farmers’ market in a medieval village, and logistics accordingly
– Group airport transfer from and to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

Reservations and inquiries: and

Please note that airfares and insurance are not included in the price. Closest airport: Toulouse-Blagnac.

Local organizer: SARL HAPPY HAMLET, Lieu dit Gary, 82190 Fauroux, France. Please see The Happy Hamlet  conditions for more details.

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